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This is an animated series, aimed at the smallest audience from 3 to 5 years. Each episode is an introduction to the color of the rainbow. This is very relevant in our time, as children lack kind interesting and educational stories.

In the series, children get acquainted with the coloristics of the world around them. Each episode is a story of kindness, help, and friendship.

Each story has its idea, which should be conveyed to the children. All this is done with the help of a speaker who tells the story and explains to the children all that is happening. A speaker is both a storyteller and a dad

After watching the series, children will definitely want to try drawing or painting. We plan to release a series of sketches and pencils depicting characters from the animation. This activity develops children’s fine motor skills and imagination.

Genres: fairy tale

Format: animation series

Technique: 3D-animation

Runtime: from 3 to 5 min each episode

Episodes: 24 episodes (the first season)

Release: 2021

Director: Serhiy Harmash

Script: Ida Nirman